Washington Genetics facilitates the management of the Ag-industry’s intellectual property. We help growers manage licensing, and aiding in the development of product inventory.

We’re able to track new variety releases from industry, and then into the hands of growers. Washington Genetics works with businesses to develop and manage their strategic plans. We help growers facilitate the release of new varieties, along with product placement.

We help our clients gain exclusive rights for new wheat varieties, along with helping to solve market problems, all while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Washington Genetics provides access to resources that pave the way for innovative solutions; especially in today’s constantly changing market.

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Washington Genetics Services:

  • Management of intellectual property

  • Manage licensing

  • Product inventory development

  • Tracking of new variety releases

  • Strategic plan management

  • Product placement

  • Secure exclusive rights for new wheat varieties

  • Solve market problems

  • Maintain strict confidentiality for clients

  • Strategic plan development and management for municipalities