Soft White Spring Wheat

Seahawk uniquely packages outstanding defense traits and very good yield potential—a winning combination.

Seahawk is nearly immune to stripe rust based on a combination of seedling and adult plant resistance genes and holds-up without fungicide application under the most severe epidemics. Seahawk genetics are mainly based on Whit and Alpowa backgrounds—proven across the PNW over the past 20 years. Hessian fly resistance, superior test weight, very good aluminum tolerance, Fusarium head scab tolerance, shorter plant height with good straw strength, and very good-to-excellent yield potential in intermediate, high rainfall, and irrigated production areas of the PNW round-out Seahawk’s complete package. Seahawk should be of
particular interest to growers in Spokane, eastern Whitman, Columbia, and Walla Walla counties, northern and southern Idaho, and the Willamete Valley of Oregon.